These guides simplify the difficult process you encounter working through the California traffic court process. They identify the steps you take to fight a moving violation, a DUI, or even a parking ticket.

Written by an individual like yourself, I use my own personal experiences and the advice gathered from many experts to illustrate understandable paths for you to personally navigate the California traffic court process. Don’t spend countless hours searching the web or contacting 40 lawyers. I have already done this for you. The advice found in these guides will help you fight traffic tickets like I have and win. I’m not an attorney nor am I an expert on traffic regulations, just a motivated citizen fed-up supporting local government with high priced traffic tickets. The contacts and resources I provide make these guides worth the cost; being able to keep your license, expunge your record, and avoid paying hefty fines makes them priceless.

You will benefit from my discoveries in the California traffic court process. There are names and contact resources that put you in touch with the best and most helpful people. Listed are appropriate times for action and advice on the “steps” you take in advance. You are presented with helpful tips that will assist you in knowing what to do during a traffic stop or what to ask of those who are helping you.

I’ll share with you some of my stories (even the embarrassing ones). Ric Romero of ABC news reports that in 2011 of the 2 million traffic tickets issued in Los Angeles County only 5% went contested. This is true I believe because people do not have the information they need to confidently stand up and fight.
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The short answer: this book won’t do the work for you. You succeed by putting in the effort; I point you in the right direction, but you will be busy doing things like, conducting the research, using the rules of the court, citing case law, providing photos, and taking detailed notes. This will take time, your time. Fighting anything can be difficult and fighting a traffic ticket isn’t any different. There isn’t a 100% guarantee you will succeed but you will be taking the actions required for success, unlike 97% of the people who don’t fight and fail.

Since, this book is a general guide about the process of fighting a traffic ticket, i
t is my advice that you review all the information found in them and conduct any additional research as it applies to your needs. Websites and phone contacts are provided for this purpose.

I am not offering any legal advice. It is still important in some cases to consult a good legal professional. I provide great recommendations on legal resources to help you resolve your specific situation.